At A&W, diversity is one of our most treasured assets. The firm’s attorneys bring a broad spectrum of life experiences, educational background and professional training to bear as they manage the complex legal needs of clients. Clearly Floridians, A&W attorneys routinely work with local and national companies, providing competent, effective and aggressive representation. 

As a distinguished Florida law firm, A&W brings together teams of attorneys who are serious about the law while striving to create a positive Florida experience for clients. Attorneys work closely with clients, engendering strong relationships built upon trust, loyalty and respect while being responsive to their special needs. 

Most of A&W’s larger competitors come to Florida from out of state and try to service the needs of their clients from a local satellite office.  In many instances, the decisions about that client’s case are made by lawyers who never have practiced in Florida. A&W is native to Florida, having been founded by Florida lawyers.  A&W attorneys know Florida law and its lawyers are comfortable navigating through the sometimes treacherous waters found in Florida’s unique and sometimes quirky court system. International clients, both large and small, have come to know A&W as a sophisticated law firm that will always find the most cost effective solution to their Florida based legal needs.

Every industry faces unique challenges, especially when facing uncertainties in the Florida court system.  We recognize how the media has portrayed Florida’s system of justice.  We have been protecting our clients’ legal rights in Florida for years and know how to get the best results for our clients in a Florida courtroom.  A&W attorneys inspire confidence as they help clients in the following areas of legal practice:

  • Commercial & Business
    • Amusement Parks
    • Banks and financial institutions
    • Commercial transportation companies including automobile dealerships, trucking companies, rental car companies and bus lines
    • Electronics manufacturers and distributors
    • Employee leasing and staffing
    • Entertainment
    • Insurance companies
    • Product manufacturers
    • Property owners
    • Sports agencies
    • Start-up businesses
  • Real Estate
    • Homeowners associations
    • Landlords and tenants
    • Lenders
    • Property developers
    • Real estate agencies
  • Litigation
    • Commercial and business
    • Commercial and private property owners
    • Commercial transportation
    • Construction
    • Employers
    • Foreclosures and receiverships
    • Health care industry
    • Insurance Industry
    • Real estate industry
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Mediation and arbitration services for all industries operating in the state of Florida


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